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07 March 2011 @ 03:39 am
Not really, but I thought about it and decided it's time to start new. So I created a new account where I add only people I really know. I'll keep this one for the graphic stuff and I won't delete anything, so don't worry.
However, this
is my new account. I haven't posted anything yet, except the Friends Only stuff, but I'll definitely start writing a journal again. Sooo, whoever is interested can add me there but please tell me where we met because I want to keep this as personal as possible and don't be offended if I decided to not add you back ;) of course all the girls I know from the boards don't need to write anything. Just be warned, there will be some fangirling going on, but I'll create a special f-list for that case so I won't annoy the people who don't really care about that fandom.
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